You live in the affluent city of Parkland, FL. You’re an exclusive member of the Parkland Golf & Country Club or maybe you own a grandiose house in the Ranches on 3 to 6 acres. No matter where you live in Parkland, your home is likely close to “A” rated schools, has access to a large swimming pool, hosts a fabulous open kitchen, and all the amenities. The terms luxury home doesn’t have a specific definition but is relative to the area. The Ft. Lauderdale area’s average home price is approximately $390,000 and Parkland’s average home price is approximately $715,000. Looking to sell your Parkland home? Check out these tips below to help you find the best luxury homes real estate agent in Parkland, FL.

Luxury Parkland home

  1. What To Look For In A Luxury Homes Realtor?

Right now, the market is a sellers’ market, and the market is hot! With low inventory and high competition, it’s important to work with a realtor who knows how to multi-task, has access to affluent buyers, can make strategic decisions, and experience can be put to the test. For a luxury home, not just any realtor will do. Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team provides a specialized realtor to provide a unique strategy for this niche market. This team understands the buyer and has plenty of experience in strategizing selling luxury homes just like yours. You want someone who sells luxury homes regularly, not just every now and then. Luxury homes are Bill Sohl’s specialty. In a competitive market, this is extremely important.

  1. Everything Has To Be Perfect

luxury home

When selling a luxury home, everything must be perfect. Every amenity/feature of the house must be included in the listing correctly, (no spelling or grammatical errors), must have professional pictures or videos and be written in a very professional tone. Buyers don’t want anything that will detract from the sale, and that means not wasting their time. Luxury home buyers know what they want and if interested, they will book directly (or have their assistant do it). Since buyers are typically looking online, your listed house must have pristine lighting, and show well in every aspect. Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team leverages professional videographers that will put your buyer in a live tour of your house.

  1. Must Have Connections

realtor connections

Having a realtor with connections is a must when selling a luxury home. Bill Sohl is a pro in working with luxury homes, so when deals are put on the market, his team has a list of names (investors or contacts they’ve made along the way) available. Bill Sohl will likely have a buyer long before you express your interest in selling. Bill Sohl and his luxury homes team have access to investors and interested parties. This not only accelerates the sale of your home, but it also gets you to your ideal price point.

  1. Find A Realtor Who Farms The Area

Farming is a real estate term used for an agent’s particular focus area and demographic. You’ll want to use a luxury homes realtor who cultivates leads and future business within the Parkland demographic. Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team is not only uber familiar with the area, but they also know many influential people (city officials, title companies, pest control companies, etc.) involved in Parkland’s real estate process. They understand surrounding neighborhoods to provide key information and strategy for a buyer with any level of interest or concern. You may have had a realtor for years that has helped you through your moves, but make sure you secure a realtor who knows the area you’re selling. Look at the realtor signs throughout your neighborhood and you’ll see Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team is all over. Bill Sohl’s sells Parkland, FL.

  1. Use A Realtor Who Knows Your Home’s Worth

A comparative market analysis (i.e., comps) are great and absolutely essential for selling or buying a house. But there’s more to comps than just numbers. An expert Parkland realtor, such as Bill Sohl and his Luxury Homes Team know what the buyer is looking for. Comps are definitively important, but they’re not all of the puzzle. Bill Sohl studies the market comparative analysis regularly and deeply analyzes recent comps. Bill Sohl calculates more than just price points. The need to be in a good school district, the price a buyer is willing to pay for a particular area, and the interest in certain amenities. You’ll want someone like Bill Sohl who understands the future of the market and who incorporates building, road projects and big-time development builds that are factored into property values.

  1. Find A Realtor With A Special Skill

find a skilled realtor

It’s always great when you can find a realtor with additional skills. Bill Sohl is not only a luxury real estate broker, but he is also a contractor. Finding a realtor who is also a contractor is like finding a unicorn in the middle of a mythical forest. It’s not easy. Bill Sohl can provide a more accurate cost estimate to knocking down a wall or remodeling a kitchen than most real estate agents can. This is a handy service to have as it can assist you with negotiations or when deciding what should be fixed or updated.


A realtor serves as far more than a paper pusher to close on a house. An expert luxury homes realtor is well-versed in their selling area and are experts in their field. They have the information it would take you years to collect and they have it in the front of their minds. They know building codes, general mortgage opportunities, and utility costs. So, when choosing a realtor, choose wisely. Choose Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team as the best realtor in Parkland, FL.