Every year, Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team shares its yearly home paint picks that will be in the limelight for enriching lives. All of us understand the importance of colors and the impact they have on our moods, emotions, and overall quality of life. But, a lot of people tend to get confused or completely overlook this aspect despite admiring interiors on social media platforms.

If you are looking forward to getting a new property in Parkland Bay, Cascata, Cypress Head, or Fox Ridge, we also have a wide range of available inventory of houses that will look dapper in the color scheme of your choice. In this article, we have compiled a few color palettes that you can use to level up the game in 2023 and beyond. We have even named them, but you can always have your own version or go all out with them.

Let’s begin:

#1 Royal Blue

royal blue

Navy (#041435)
Sienna (#96632a)
Steel Blue (#d0d9e2)
Midnight Blue (#1c3a60)
Dark Slate Gray (#12161f)

This color combination is best suited for medium to large-sized homes, and it instantly projects royalty, sophistication, stillness, and grandeur even on minimalist designs. The Navy-Steel Blue combination radiates positive emotions, while sienna and slate gray highlights help ensure that the aesthetic doesn’t turn bland.

#2 Artist’s Heaven

artist's heaven

Pale White (#eff0eb)
Dark Sky (#99b4c3)
Midas Sky Blue (#7390a2)
Santorini Blue (#477187 )
Naval Blue (#31394c)

If you aren’t a fan of the above color palette but still want to retain the bluish aesthetic, you will definitely love this color palette. The above color palette radiates admiration for art as it actively uses multiple infusing colors to create a homogenous combination where each color holds onto its individuality.

#3 The Bold Misfit

the bold misfit

Marine Cyan (#094152)
Pale Indigo (#194f6b)
Pastel Flamingo (#c995a2)
Retro Pink (#e2c3c9)

Sometimes, you need to be the misfit, and this combination of colors carries this notion in high spirits. Colors like cyan and indigo are rarely used with pink, but when it is done, the results surely speak volumes. We recommend using only one small to mid-sized object for pouring out the flamboyant pink as it must be the ‘center of attention’ and not an element of distortion.

#4 Luxurious Bane

luxurious bane

Bedrock (#b39d9f)
Deep Green (#0f1415)
Green Majesty (#20373b)
Sherpa Blue (#18484d)
Pink Affair (#c69ba3)
Dark Pastel Pink (#c39ba3)

If you want your abode to be too beautiful to leave, the above color palette can be a good pick since it adds luxury with subtle hints of a slow lifestyle. Unlike other color combinations, it highlights the willingness to soak in one’s own thoughts while living in a surreal yet unintriguing ambiance. If you go with this color scheme for your interiors, make sure to cram the gadgets and furniture closely, as the visual appeal requires plenty of space.

#5 The ‘Wild’ Seductress

the 'wild' seductress

Russian Black (#12121c)
Charcoal Navy Blue (#14131b)
Deep Crimson (#771606)
Roof Terracotta (#a52e18)
Mayan Dunes (#c04d3a)
Pearl Milk (#ead6bd)

If you are in love with the serene views at the Grand Canyon or the Kalahari Desert, the ‘Wild’ Seductress theme will instantly catch your attention. Using terracotta shades for upholstery and darker colors for the walls and murals will add considerable warmth to the visual appeal. This theme is highly comforting, cozy, and subtly romantic- making it a perfect choice for most homeowners looking for a minimalist design language with a warm appeal without being completely dark and mundane.

#6 Lone Aristocrat

lone aristocrat

Warm Purple (#572354)
Pale Magenta (#553857)
Mud purple (#6b4074)
Ivory Purple (#855f90)
Midnight Cloud (#8c8e9a)
Abbey (#4b4f58)

Purple is known for its royalty, extravagance, and even profligacy which makes it a perfect pick for projecting your space with regal elegance. However, in 2023, you must not blend it with some pearl white or silver colors on your walls. Instead, limit it to the most prominent piece of furniture in the room, like the couch or the bed, with the surroundings being painted in darker shades of gray.

#7 The Secretive Pianist

the secretive pianist

Aluminum Turquoise (#7f888d)
Pale Chestnut (#d2afa7)

Often, good art isn’t too detailed, too comprehensive, or too ostentatious- instead, its beauty and sophistication lie in its simplicity. If you have a similar vision for your residence or workspace, you must consider the combination of Aluminum
Turquoise-Pale Chestnut given its ultrarian versatility. No matter if you want a huge number of decorative pieces in your ambiance or go old school bare minimum, it fits the bill exceptionally well.

Wrap Up

All color schemes we discussed here are handpicked to ensure that new homeowners are able to transform their living space and enjoy themselves in their new environments.

Restorations can be exhausting, but with the right paint theme, you can effectively choose furniture, equipment, and decorations without compromising the visual appeal of the space. One must understand that choosing the paint scheme should be based on the property, and temperament of the homeowner.

If you are looking to buy a property in Parkland, Florida, and have something in your mind, we will help you find the right deal. Get in touch with Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team now!