Buying a home is a life-changing commitment. It may be the most expensive investment anyone will make thus requiring methodical research and planning. There is a noticeable rise in relocation to South Florida and relocating to Parkland ranks highly popular among the South Florida areas. Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team will provide you with useful information about local realty trends and help in finding the right location for your future home.

Some buyers choose to waive the right to inspection when they want to make their offer more appealing in today’s difficult market. If you are confident that you can manage anything that comes up, that might be an option for you. However, there are lots of hidden factors that can be unearthed in a good inspection and seeing what is going on beneath the surface is always a good idea. It is highly recommended to contact Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team when considering your choice of home inspection expert.

The Importance of a Home Inspection

Let us examine the most commonly available home inspections in Parkland:

  • Air Quality: This determines the health and safety of the building. Air quality must comply firstly with the U. S Environmental Protection Agency policies. Poor air quality leads to life threatening respiratory diseases. At the top of the list is air pollution due to leaking radon or carbon monoxide which are odorless and can go undetected for a long time. Mold is another serious threat to air quality. It is commonly caused by the presence of moisture.

    The air quality inspection promotes good health, increased efficiency and lower electric bills and reduced pet and house odors among other things. It promotes a healthier lifestyle.

  • Water Quality: Checking the water quality for contaminants and pollutants like chlorine, lead and harmful bacteria. Water hardness is another factor affecting the buyer’s final decision.

    Water is vital to our existence. An approved water quality brings peace of mind. Removal of harsh pollutants and contaminants diminishes health issues like gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. Reducing water hardness ensures the longevity of plumbing and appliances and the health of your skin and scalp.

  • Wind Mitigation: Severe storms with accompanying higher than normal winds are common in Parkland. Building codes are expected to comply with the Building Construction Standards (Florida Statute Chapter 553).

    A new homeowner will welcome reduced insurance premiums that a wind mitigation inspection provides. This inspection also advises the buyer on the structural integrity of the building. In Parkland, the residents are attentive to the stability of their homes especially during the hurricane season. The homes here rate highly in their soundness while maintaining curb appeal.

  • 4 Point Inspection: This is the biggest and the most common inspection completed. In fact, most insurance companies in Parkland require this inspection especially if the home is generally over 30 years old. The inspection could significantly reduce the insurance premiums and most importantly inform the owner/buyer on the condition of the 4 points of interest.

    This includes HVAC – monitors the air conditioning and heating systems, electric – examines the quality wiring and energy efficiency, plumbing – inspection of the supply and sewage lines and roof – includes frame, roof vents, roof flashing, underlayment, drip edge and water shield.

The Importance of a Home Inspection

There are so many concerns going into buying a new home. Having an inspection can ease your heart and mind about many of the biggest ones and can ensure that you know what lies beneath the surface.

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