Television makes designing your own luxury outdoor living spaces look so easy. The truth is that as a luxury homeowner you can genuinely enjoy an upscale exterior without having to undergo a major overhaul. It’s much simpler than you think. Styling a magnificent outdoor living space simply uses a few statement pieces and a relatively small number of stylish decorations. Let’s look at the strategy used in this article that aids in bringing charm and style to your patio and/or backyard.

Outdoor Living Spaces

When using a nice coat of gorgeous paint, a couple of scattered foliage, and some chic furniture do make a huge difference in the transformation of your luxury home’s backyard. So, by using the four elements (water, earth, wind, and fire) as inspiration for your dream luxury outdoor living space, you’ll have no problem designing using these ideas. Let our team at Bill Sohl’s Luxury Home Team guide you through to create your own amazing oasis.

Outdoor Living Spaces


Water can add serenity and be a beautiful decoration to an outdoor backyard. A few decorative concepts include: a tropical fountain, a soothing jacuzzi, a large, heated pool, or even an
in-ground pool. This addition can actually increase the value of your property. By adding the element of water to your luxury outdoor area, your backyard can be transformed into an
at-home spa or staycation.


It’s been said that the beauty of the earth keeps people grounded. What better way to relax than by adding awe-inspiring greenage to your luxury backyard or patio? Consider adding other colors besides green, like the various flowers or even vegetables from a manicured and organized vegetable garden.

Outdoor Living Spaces


Air is important to our health. That includes our physical health, as well. That’s why you should consider adding elegant pieces of patio furniture that can keep you in the shade away from the sun’s rays during the hot summer days. Modern canopies, awnings, and umbrellas are a few of the design pieces that can be used to add the element of fresh air to your luxury outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Spaces


The element of fire as a design piece for your backyard is practical in a multitude of ways without being a hazard to you, your family, or your guests. A high-quality grill, patio heater, or an artful fire pit always brings out the coziest and best moments in a high-end patio area. Great for gatherings and after-work drinks, adding one of the design pieces will only add to the value of your property.

Final Thoughts

By using a few of these design concepts on your luxury outdoor living space, you’re only a few steps away from making a luxury backyard area that competes with the best bed and breakfast. Therefore, with your own dream luxury backyard, you may find yourself staying home more often than expected. So, which of these ideas will you be using first?

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