When it comes to selling your house, you want it to appear its best for any potential buyers that come in the door. This is where professional home staging comes in. Staging is used to highlight a home’s greatest features, wow potential buyers, and sell it as soon as possible for the highest feasible price.

Because not all sellers prepare their homes–especially those in lower price ranges–you’ll have an edge if you go the additional mile and stage yours. Here’s how to do it as shown by Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team:

What Exactly Is Staging?

The idea of staging is to compliment the property without being too blatant about it, like being clothed without calling specific attention to what you’re wearing. Good staging allows buyers to visualize themselves in the property, highlights its positive qualities while concealing its defects, transforms odd places into usable spaces, creates an atmosphere, and improves the home’s photo appearance.

The Importance Of Home Staging

You don’t want to accept a lower selling price or a longer marketing time than you have to when dealing with such a serious financial transaction as selling a property.

Based on his experience in Parkland Real Estate, Bill says that staging might be one of the most profitable jobs in terms of time and money. Potential buyers are searching for more than simply a place to live—they want to realize their ambitions and improve their lifestyle. Staging may make a buyer’s purchase more emotional, resulting in a higher sale price for the seller.

Home staging is also advantageous since prospective buyers do not want to notice work that has to be done once they move in. They’ll subtract the cost of any problems they find from their offer price. If they find too many issues, they may decide not to buy the house at all.

7 Tips For Home Staging

With so much to gain, it’s understandable for sellers to devote time and effort to set their house, and thankfully, many of the finest staging suggestions don’t involve a large investment. Take a look at these 7 home staging techniques and make modifications that will help your property sell faster and for more money, whether you’re just getting ready to sell or attempting to breathe new life into an old listing.

#1 Make Sure Everything Is In Order

A spotless house demonstrates to potential buyers that you’ve taken good care of it. Cleaning the entire house, from the floors to the ceilings and everything in between, is ideal.

If you don’t have any new kitchen equipment, make sure the ones you do have are pristine. Similarly, make sure your bathrooms glisten, from the tub’s corners to the sink drain to the hidden region behind the toilet that no one can see. It should be your objective to make everything seem brand new.

How to stage a home for a viewing

#2 Depersonalize

Remove any family photographs, heirlooms, and refrigerator art so that buyers can see themselves in your house. Keep as much of your clothing covered as possible, and make sure the restroom countertops are clear. Put away all the toys and anything else that is particularly personal or indicative of the current occupants of the house.

How to stage a home for a viewing

#3 Concentrate On New Ideas

A few potted plants can instantly make your house feel more welcoming and fresh. If you have a lot of plants, make sure to space them out so that no one area is overrun (unless you have a greenhouse). Of course, dead and dying plants don’t add much to the appearance of a well-kept home.

Getting rid of scents is another technique to make your house appear fresh. Pets, children, last night’s food, a moist bathroom, and a variety of other factors can all contribute to a foul odor in your house. Baking cinnamon-coated apples or cookies in the oven or burning vanilla-scented candles are both inexpensive ways to get rid of smells and give a home a welcoming air.

How to stage a home for a viewing

#4 Repair And Patch

Home staging is an excellent opportunity to address minor blemishes, scratches, holes, and other flaws that buyers see as signs of neglect. Begin by going room to room with a melamine foam eraser pad, erasing any scuffs off the walls. Keep an eye out for any spots that might require some tender loving care, and then spackle and caulk as needed. The goal, like with cleaning, is to convince potential buyers that you’ve put work into keeping the home as much as it is to make the house seem lovely.

To get rid of sink scents, wipe down the kitchen sink with half a lemon and then grind it in the trash disposal. While you might deodorize your house with an air freshener, it’s recommended to avoid them because they can cause allergic responses and asthma in sensitive persons. If you’re a smoker who usually smokes inside, try to confine your smoking to outside the house and take extra precautions to deodorize your home. Last but not least, remember to take out the garbage.

#5 Lighting

Make the most of the natural light in your house. When exhibiting your house, open all of the drapes and blinds. Fixtures should be added as needed, and all lights should be turned on during showings. If you think your current fixtures are in good shape, make sure they are dust-free and free of dirt. Otherwise, replacing old or damaged light fixtures is simple and inexpensive.

How to stage a home for a viewing

#6 Furniture

Make sure that the furniture is the proper size for the space and that there isn’t too much of it. Furniture that is too large will make a room appear tiny, while furniture that is too little can make a place feel chilly.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace your current furniture, and you might even be able to rent furniture to stage your house. In any case, make sure the furniture is neat, tidy, and welcoming. Throw pillows may be used to offer contrast and a splash of color.

You’ll also want to arrange the furniture in each area such that it seems big, welcoming, and simple to traverse. Seating in the living room, for example, should be arranged to create a pleasant discussion place.

How to stage a home for a viewing

#7 Finishing Touches

Make sure your staging efforts have the most impact with a few last-minute additions that will make the property feel warm and inviting just before any open house or showing. Place fresh flowers in vases, open the windows for at least ten minutes to allow fresh air into the house, light a few candles, and replace the towels in the bathrooms.

Summing Up

Even if you have a lot of money, don’t overspend on the staging procedure. You’ll want to highlight the home’s greatest characteristics but bear in mind that what sells a house and what makes it functional for a buyer aren’t often the same thing. If you see Parkland Houses for Sale listed by Bill Sohl’s Luxury Homes Team, they are aimed at appealing to the broadest potential group of purchasers to get the most bang for your budget. The bigger the number of persons eager to make purchase bids on your home, the higher the selling price.