I am always grateful for and look forward to the opportunity to share my real estate knowledge with you. I am equally grateful and honored to announce I have joined Compass Real Estate to lead their newly formed luxury home division for Parkland/Coral Springs. This new position will give the Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team access to an expansive network of on market and off market luxury homes, buyers seeking exceptional homes, and world-class marketing campaigns. Most importantly, our sellers and buyers will benefit from our enlarged footprint in the high-net-worth luxury home market.

As the leader of the Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team, I am always searching for ways to represent our clients in the most aggressive and professional manner. Compass, with its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive platform, will allow me to achieve this goal. Compass’s full spectrum platform is a “Beginning to End” tool that guides and holds us accountable from the initial contact with a client to the closing table. This platform along with a superior level of marketing materials, real-time data, and technology, makes Compass the perfect fit for the Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team.


Just sold in Pine Tree Estates by Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team


In addition to the above, Compass has a unique Concierge program for sellers. The Concierge program fronts funds to sellers for home improvements, prior to the home entering the market. It is a no-interest loan and helps a home sell faster for a higher price. The loan is repaid when the home sells, when the seller terminates the listing agreement or when 12 months pass from the Concierge start date. Another nice feature is the seller is not required to use a particular company to perform the work. The seller &/or realtor are free to determine which projects are most beneficial and who does the work. For more information pertaining to this wonderful program, please visit https://www.compass.com/concierge/


Just sold in The Ranches by Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team


Teaming up with Compass is not the only thing that changed since my last article. The real estate market has shifted. The inventory of available homes for sale has increased and homes are remaining on the market longer. Additionally, price reductions are on the rise. Despite the fact we are experiencing an uncertain market, we are still selling homes. Although it requires a great deal of effort and marketing to get a home sold., the Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team is committed to diligently working for sellers during the current real estate environment.


Just sold in Pine Ridge of Coral Springs by Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team


In closing, daily we strive to provide our clients with a professional real estate experience and Compass gives us the support to do so. These offerings collectively will empower us to deliver a curated experience for our clients and ensure they are well served. As always, feel free to contact me at 954-655-5097 or visit Billsohlsellsparkland.com with any real estate questions.