Buying any piece of real estate is a wise investment decision, given the fact that the real estate industry has created more wealth than any other sector. Normally, increases in the prices offset the mortgage costs, but that’s not all. There are many other ways that you can use to quickly boost your home’s value without much fuss.

Bill Sohl Luxury Homes Team has curated a list of seven ways that you can leverage to increase your home’s value in short periods to earn a decent profit on the deal. Even people looking to learn about the house flipping business in Parkland or other parts of the country can benefit from it. Let’s begin.

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#1 Use High-Quality Materials For Finishing Of Your Home
This is the simplest and most important aspect since people judge books and homes based on their covers. If you use cheap materials for flooring, wallpaper, and switches, they will directly assume that everything used in building your property is cheap. No matter how good the construction or layout is, they will take a low quality for granted and ultimately pay much less than your expectations. This issue can be prevented by using premium quality products for floor tiles, railings, electricals, taps, and the rest of the interiors. This way, you will also woo your prospects and make them feel positive about your home.

#2 Upgrade To Some Smart Home Picture
Parkland realtor Bill Sohl finds the Home Alone 4 movie quite amusing as it predicted the future very well. In today’s time, smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, and upgrading to such technologies can yield tenfold returns on your investments. Upon Bill’s advice, many homeowners upgraded their Parkland houses for sale to smart homes, and this not only increased the speed of sale but also helped them land great deals. Google Nest is one of the leading smart home solutions providers, while there are many other brands that help you add amazing amenities to your home, making it safer and more luxurious.

Parkland homes for sale


#3 Decorate Your Lawns And Balconies
Lawns are long known as the symbol of riches, and a well-kept garden in the front will help make your property look premium. You don’t need to
make it too lavish by spending on professional gardening services, but a well-kept lawn and a few plants would do the job. Also, you need to ensure that all the balconies have decent ambiance, and small value additions like a couple of armchairs and an altar can make a huge difference. Make sure that both of these aspects are taken care of, as your prospective buyers would find these differentiators quite appealing.

Parkland homes for sale


#4 Spend Some Money On Your Bathroom And Kitchen Appliances
When talking with people, we often hear about how they spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Many even go on to boost their bathrooms, be it their jacuzzi or shower towers. Indeed, people love spending time in their bathrooms, and building a great one can help you attract more buyers. Premium bathroom fittings can be a game-changer since these are among the most ignored areas of houses. Also, you can go for decent kitchen appliances if you are planning to sell your home in a furnished condition. This often saves the new owner from the hassle of going through furnishing and appliance shopping, thereby making your house attractive.

Parkland homes for sale


#5 Invest In Energy Efficient Electric Appliances
These days, one of the top concerns for new home buyers is the soaring utility prices and having energy-efficient appliances is a big plus point. In fact, many lenders provide you with Energy-efficient mortgages (EEMs) to buy energy-saving appliances. You can also go for installing solar rooftop systems as many real estate experts, including Bill, find that this increases your likelihood of attracting buyers. Good quality insulation, double-paned windows, and energy-saving appliances are some of the other ways to build an energy conservation-oriented house.

#6 Paint Your Home Right
Yes, now comes our favorite. A lot of people think that the new buyers will want to repaint the house to make it suitable to their taste. But that doesn’t mean that you do not paint the house before listing it for sale. Remember what we discussed about good aesthetics’ role in making a property likeable?

Fresh paint can go a long way in making your house look attractive, and it increases your odds of making quicker sales by a large extent. So consider
painting your house just before you are out to sell it and follow the rest of the above tips to make your home look the best when it counts the most.

#7 Build A Unique, Special Speciality For Your Home
Now, this is our secret tip to homeowners- build something special in the house that’s unique yet appealing. It could be a corner in your home with a little fountain or a mini cave, or a secret room. The idea is to give your prospects a reason to think about your house beyond the typical things they expect in every property. This doesn’t need to be too expensive, but it definitely needs to be attractive, useful, and tasteful.

Wrap Up
Throughout the article, we have focused on various tips, but here’s our advice in a nutshell. No matter if you are planning to sell your house, decorate it like it is the dream house you would want to move in. This can cost you a good amount of money, but this investment yields phenomenal returns. It is due to the fact that your prospects will feel that they are buying their dream home since everything is perfect. We hope that these seven tips will help you add more value to your home in 2022.